What is a beeitch?

So glad you asked! If you are shopping with us YOU probably are one

I come from a history of child abuse, domestic violence, child loss and spousal loss and I am STILL HERE! What did that do to me? Well it made me no longer tolerate others treating me poorly. I made a decision 8 years ago to speak up for myself regardless of who it was I had to speak up to. I finally acknowledged my own strength as a woman and have made it my mission to help others do the same damn thing. 

Some people may call those of us that are unafraid to tell it like it is or take a stand for ourselves...bitches. We are NOT, we are a whole new breed of empowered Sur-Thriving women who are learning how to say NO and when necessary, Fuck You. We are BEEITCHES!

beeitch balms & glosses are a simple way to remind yourself of your own power and tell it like it is. 

As a company we are passionate about supporting multiple injustices as well. We put those items under the Xtra Snarky tab. We will constantly be adding to that page and some items you will find are FREE. 

Thank you for making us your choice. As a small woman owned business YOUR business is especially appreciated! 

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