Why is "Small Batch" so important?

A customer recently asked me exactly what small batch meant and if that meant that it was more work for me. I'm really glad they asked that question because it made me realize that some people may not know why "small batch" is so important.

The first thing to think of especially when it comes to any food item or item that you're going to be putting on your body is the quality of the product. Not only the ingredients but how they are made and even who is making them. Typically if it is a small batch item that means the owner is either involved in the making or directly making it themselves which of course ensures 100% quality control. Products being made in small batch also allow the formulas to be controlled precisely.
Think of it like the butterfly effect. When even one measurement is off in something as important as a food item or something that you're going to put around your mouth or on your skin and then you multiply that mishap in measurement by 20, 50, 100 or more times to pump out mass quantities...what is the end result? Is it now toxic? Does it now have a shorter shelf life? Does it reduce the quality? Not only does a mishap in measuring create a product that is not consistent but it could have health ramifications. By working in small batch we can ensure a consistently high quality product that is healthy for you and your family.

So you may be asking "If small batch is so much more
work why do companies do it?"

Well I can't answer for other companies but I bet their answer is similar to mine. I would rather take longer to make a consistently high quality product and have to charge a little bit more then ever have to question what is leaving our "lab".
Another great thing about small batch is that even though it is a bit more work to make, if something goes wrong, that whole batch can be disposed of without the company taking a large financial hit.
There is never a business decision that needs to be made about what to do with an imperfect final product here at beeitch balms & glosses. We made the decision in the beginning to be a small batch company.

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